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2020 New Jersey Police Press Credentials

To New Jersey Police Press Credential Applicants:

The New Jersey Police Press Credential program is administered by the New Jersey Press Association on behalf of the New Jersey State Police and the New Jersey Association of Police Chiefs.

Its purpose is to aid police officers and other emergency personnel in identifying professional news reporters and photographers having a need for access to police and fire scenes in connection with their professional duties.

Eligibility for credentials is limited to news organization employees having regular contact with New Jersey State Police, local police, fire and EMS personnel.

A New Jersey police credential is not required nor intended for use related to covering municipal, county or state government meetings. Nor is it for access to events, e.g. sports and entertainment. In such cases, an identification card issued by the employing news organization may be presented.

The 2020 application is attached. Please refer to the additional qualifying rules to help determine who is eligible.

It is imperative that the application be limited to those who cover breaking on-scene crime and fire news events. Prior receipt of a credential is not a factor in the evaluation of an application.

Peggy Arbitell, Business Manager

New Jersey Press Association

Col. Patrick Callahan, Superintendent
New Jersey State Police


1.   Applicants must be employed by news organizations gathering and disseminating news of general interest on a regular schedule throughout the year.

2.   Police press credentials are:

1.      NOT required to cover municipal, county or state government meetings or events

2.      NOT to be used for professional, college or high school sporting events

3.      NOT to be used for entertainment events

3.   Applicants must be full-time news reporters or press photographers or freelance/independent contractors.

4.   Applications for freelancers and independent contractors require:

1.      Signature of the publisher or senior news editor of the sponsoring news organization

2.      Copies of three (3) stories/photos published by the sponsoring news organization on whose behalf the application is submitted

5.   First-time organizations applying for credentials must provide:

1.      If printed, three (3) consecutive issues of the publication

2.      If non-printed, a letter on company letterhead confirming the nature of the organization's news coverage, date established, and other information to help confirm the ongoing news reporting published by the organization.

6.   Applications are submitted and credentials issued each year through September 30. Thereafter,  application forms for the coming year are posted in October and are good through the end of that calendar year.


    Cost for 2020 police press credentials:

Visor card or ID card $9 each

ID and visor card set $15 per set

Neck chain $.50

      List your employees in alphabetical order by last name and include their job titles. Incomplete
applications and those submitted incorrectly will be returned.

      Passport type headshot photos are required for first time applicants. If submitted previously, photos are not required.

Submit the headshot as a JPEG file uploaded as indicated on application form or attached to an e-mail to presscredentials@njpa.org or on CD. The file name MUST be the full name of the person. (Example: mary_smith.jpeg) The photo may be color (preferred) or grayscale.

Send other required documentation to:

New Jersey Press Association
Peggy Arbitell
P.O. Box 358
Titusville, NJ 08560

Application processing begins in October on a first-come, first-served basis. During the peak processing period (December to March), please expect up to four weeks for processing.

Please click here for press credential application


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