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Welcome to                               
PR MediaRelease/New Jersey     
NJPA’s multi-media press release service

As an owner-partner among seven (7) state press associations and 17 other participating state press associations, NJPA is pleased to provide New Jersey organizations and companies a most outstanding digital press release creation and distribution platform.

One click away at www.PRMediaRelease.com/New-Jersey, our service provides the creation and distribution of affordable, state-of-the-art, and highly searchable, multimedia press releases. The platform is designed to provide your audience, especially multi-tasking news editors, your story and its multimedia assets – seamlessly presented on a gorgeous dashboard for efficient use – using any device.

Additionally, our unique concept – a “press release service truly powered by The Press” – also results in a level of news media distribution unmatched in depth, breadth, and accuracy, across all platforms, reaching NJPA members and non-members alike. Press associations are in this business together full-throttle on behalf of our member news-organizations. We appreciate this as a vital opportunity and responsibility to provide a sustained, and highly-valued professional service.

Check out the NJ news media distribution list here.

As such, we are uniquely committed to a business model that financially benefits directly each state’s local news industry. After all, each state press association, including NJPA, is a trade association owned and operated by its member news organizations; large and small.

Our patented platform makes it easy to prepare and deliver pub-ready press releases with loads of available features including:

● Text, documents and photos (no word limits)
● Web links and attachments
● Mobile-friendly, device agnostic viewing
● Integration of live social media feeds
● Live cyber-window embedded in the release providing users immediate, real-time exposure to the web page-destination of choice, e.g., homepage, or more targeted uses such as for event registrations, donations, or targeted promotions, etc.
● Shortened URL for social media postings and targeted emails

To learn more or to get started, visit NJPA’s www.PRMediaRelease.com/New-Jersey.

If you have questions, please contact Peggy Stephan Arbitell, Business Manager, ext. 14 parbitell@njpa.org .

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New Jersey Press Association (NJPA) is a non-profit membership association formed to advance the interests of newspapers and to increase awareness in the benefits of newspaper readership. The mission of NJPA is to help newspapers remain editorially strong, financially sound and free of outside influence. We will pursue these goals in every way possible, as a service both to our members and to the people of New Jersey.

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