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Planning Tools

Leave the work to us!

The next time you're planning an advertising buy, call the newspaper professionals at NJNN. The tools listed below are offered free of charge to our clients and can easily save you time and money while maximizing the effectiveness of your plan.

Ethnic Newspapers

NJNN strives to be the preeminent source for accurate information on the hundreds of ethnically-targeted newspapers distributed within New Jersey. Rates, circulation, and material specifications are available for newspapers that reach New Jersey's diverse population:

African-American, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Hispanic, Italian, Irish, Polish, Arab-American, and many more!

Specialty Publications

The Media Specialists at NJNN are experts at locating special publications that target exactly the niche market for your business. NJNN tracks rates, circulation, and editorial calendars for various publications that primarily reach:

Parents, Seniors, Upscale Consumers, Religious Affiliations (including Catholic and Jewish newspapers), Women, College Students, Business Professionals, and many more!

Newspaper Special Sections

In addition to ethnic and specialty publications circulating within New Jersey, NJNN tracks our member newspapers' special sections calendars. We can easily provide a list of the state's upcoming arts, education, holiday, real estate, business, or health sections by newspaper, county, or category.

These sections can be a cost-effective way to reach thousands of readers with a particular interest and generally have a longer shelf-life than main news sections - adding extra value to your ad!

Geographic Targeting

Whether you're looking to blanket the entire state or target a smaller region, NJNN can provide accurate circulation data for daily and non-daily community newspapers for any geographic target.

Targets include:

Zip Code, Municipality, County, NJ State Legislative District, US Congressional District, or DMA

Research & Reporting

NJNN subscribes to both PCensus and Scarborough Research software and can assist in research that answers an array of questions from population demographics to media usage and consumer habits.

When these research tools are used in partnership with our Newspaper Circulation Database, NJNN is able to provide detailed reports to help our clients make educated decisions about their advertising plans.

Pre-Printed Inserts

NJNN can also assist with inserting pre-printed advertisements, circulars, or brochures into many of the state's newspapers. The procedures for placing pre-printed inserts vary widely among individual newspapers, but NJNN can provide one comprehensive plan for insertion that includes cost estimates, specifications, schedules, and delivery instructions.


Nationwide Placements

Through a network of state and regional press associations operating nationwide, NJNN is also able to provide placement assistance with newspapers across the country.

Even if your buy includes newspapers outside the state, our "One Order. One Bill. One Check." motto still applies. You can still leave all of the details to us!

For more information on NJNN's Planning Tools, call your Account Representative at (609) 406-0600 or email Amy C. Lear, NJNN Director.

New Jersey Newspaper Network is the advertising and marketing arm of the New Jersey Press Association. Its purposes are to champion the vitality and validity of New Jersey newspapers and the New Jersey market, to develop new revenue opportunities for NJPA and its member newspapers, to provide clients with a seamless, flexible way of placing advertising in New Jersey newspapers, based on their specific objectives, and to exceed clients´┐Ż expectations by providing personalized, professional service and in-depth New Jersey market information.

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