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The New Jersey Press Association's 2x2 Display Network gives small-space advertisers an effective way to reach consumers across New Jersey and nationwide with the ease of one phone call and a very affordable price. 75 community weekly newspapers currently participate, with a combined circulation of nearly a million. The cost per insertion is $1,400 and regional distributional options are available. See our rates page for details

How do I submit an ad?
Complete the Online Order Form or print it out and send the completed form via snail mail to NJPA. Artwork should be sent via email as PDF files or by mail as camera-ready copy. NJPA will distribute copies of your ad to each newspaper that is part of the 2x2 display ad network. 

Deadline for space and material is Tuesday at 5 pm for ads that are scheduled to run the following week.

Dimensions for 2x2 Network ads are 3.79 inches wide by 2 inches deep. Advertisers should adjust material accordingly prior to sending ads to run in the network. Participating newspapers will proportionately reduce any 2x2 Network ads that do not fit the required dimensions. *Note: for 2x4 Network ads, please submit material that measures 3.79 inches wide by 4 inches deep.

Where will my ad run?
NJPA cannot guarantee the position of your ad. Positioning is decided by each individual newspaper.

Who is eligible to use the network?
Any advertiser is welcome. Existing networks in other states indicated the following advertisers/categories are finding their networks attractive: resorts, auctions, mortgage companies, weight loss, festivals, travel, exhibitions, vacations rentals, storage buildings/sheds and government surplus companies.

Reach Audiences Nationwide!

NJPA is networked with all the other state associations having similar advertising networks.

Please contact NJPA for assistance on multi-state placements.


Ad Sizing: 3.792 inches wide by 2 inches deep




For more information, please contact Peggy Arbitell at 609-406-0600 ext. 14.



New Jersey Newspaper Network is the advertising and marketing arm of the New Jersey Press Association. Its purposes are to champion the vitality and validity of New Jersey newspapers and the New Jersey market, to develop new revenue opportunities for NJPA and its member newspapers, to provide clients with a seamless, flexible way of placing advertising in New Jersey newspapers, based on their specific objectives, and to exceed clients´┐Ż expectations by providing personalized, professional service and in-depth New Jersey market information.

New Jersey Newspaper Network
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Phone 609-406-0600